Birthday Party FAQ


How do I book a party or check on availability?
Reservations can be made over the phone during normal business hours on weekdays at (847) 832-6923.

Can I see the party rooms prior to making a reservation?
Yes. The party rooms can be seen in person or online. Contact Group Sales beforehand to ensure someone will be available to meet you at (847) 832-6923. The room photos can be seen online .

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
Because birthday parties are very popular, it is recommended to schedule as soon as possible.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?
The party can be rescheduled if necessary. The new party date must be within one year from the original party date.

Why do I need to read and sign the contract?
The contract provides important information that you need to know in order to plan a successful party. Signing the contract signifies that you have read through and will abide by the Museum rules and regulations. If you have questions about anything on the contact, please call (847) 832-6923.

How do I return the signed contract and completed guest lists?
They can be returned by fax, email, mail, or delivered to the front desk.


How many people can I have attend the party?
Your party room has a maximum number of guests due to fire code regulations:

  • The 20 Child (age 15 and under) Party has a capacity of 50 total guests
  • The 30 Child (age 15 and under) Party has a capacity of 60 total guests
  • The 40 Child (age 15 and under) Party has a capacity of 100 total guests.

Who should I include on my guest lists?
Please include every adult and child that will be attending the party, including Museum members. The only people that do not need to be included are the birthday child and anyone under 12 months of age.

What if I exceed the amount of children or adults?
The regular admission price will be charged for each child (age 15 and under) that exceeds the allowed amount. The actual attendance numbers will be reviewed on the Monday following your party; you will not be charged for absent guests. If there will be less than the maximum amount of children, your party can hold that many more adults. (Example: 15 children and 35 adults) You will not be charged for additional adults although you must stay under the capacity limits. If your head count exceeds the limit, additional guests will not be permitted in the room.

When are the guest lists due?
Guest lists should be returned by the Wednesday before your party.

Is the Museum appropriate for all children?
Our Museum’s exhibits and programs are specifically designed for children, birth through age eight. But older children are certainly allowed and may enjoy their visit as well.

Day of the Party:

Where do I check in for my party?
The birthday check-in desk is located past the admissions desk near the SpotHero Car Garage exhibit. When you check in, the birthday greeter will provide you with any important information and access to a cart for your supplies.

How do I get my supplies to and from my car?
You are responsible for bringing all items inside and back to your car. The Museum can provide a cart to assist with this process. Once the supplies have been transported, the cart should be returned to the birthday greeter.

When can I set up for my party?
You will have access to the room starting 15 minutes before your scheduled party time. You will also have 15 minutes starting at the end of your party for any pack up or clean up.

Where can items be stored before or after the party?
Items can be kept in the car or in the coat room lockers (cost is 25 cents).

Will someone be there to assist me during the party?
A greeter will be located at the check-in desk to welcome invited guests to the museum and monitor guest counts. With the Deluxe party package, a party coordinator will help you set up any food or decorations that you bring in and will help you with any clean up at the end.

Can I have food at the party?
Yes. The Museum allows you to bring in outside food as long as it is precooked or fresh food items. There is no cooking or heating in the party room.

If I decide to bring my own food, is there somewhere to store it?
There are no food storage facilities available so the Museum cannot refrigerate food. You are encouraged to bring in coolers with ice to keep your items cold. Please note that warmers, chaffing dishes, Crock-Pots, hot plates, microwaves, etc. are not permitted.

Are there any restrictions on decorations?
Yes. The Museum allows decorations although nothing can be suspended from the ceiling. And the Museum requires the use of painters’ tape when taping anything to the walls.

Can I bring in latex balloons?
No. Latex balloons are not allowed in the Museum. The only type of balloons allowed are the mylar-foil balloons.

What will be in the party room?
Each party includes the following items. The tables are 6ft long x 30 inches wide.

  • The 20 Child Party: 5 tables, 10 benches, 10 chairs. There is also counter space along one wall.
  • The 30 Child Party: 9 tables, 12 benches, 10 chairs.
  • The 40 Child Party: 10 tables, 20 benches, 20 chairs. There is also a counter space along one wall.