Plan a Field Trip

We have everything you need for a successful field trip for children up to age 8.
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Educator Resources: Designed to support your Museum experiences prior to, during, and after your visit.
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Classroom Activities: Designed to assist educators in providing an “in school museum experience” in their classrooms.
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Professional Development (Educator Workshops)

Kohl Children’s Museum’s professional development and educator workshop program is designed for teachers, caregivers, parents, and other adults who interact with children ages birth through 8.
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In-School Museum Experiences
Kohl Children's Museum can bring a field trip experience to your school, center, or home!
Teacher Appreciation
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Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago strives to be equally available to guests with any level of physical, visual, auditory, or cognitive challenge. Our facility and exhibits were designed using the principles of universal design.
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