Ravinia Festival Music Makers

It’s time to make a little noise! Discover how sounds make music, and how music makes you feel in this melodious exhibit.


  • Make melodies on the bolt- and wrench-a-phones
  • Use soft sculpture pegs to make your own music box
  • Blow air over a reed to learn about woodwinds
  • Move musical notes on a staff to create a melody
  • Feel the vibrations that sound can make on the thump deck
  • Layer a melody, a harmony, and a rhythm to create a symphony
  • Dance away, and watch your body make patterns on a colorful video screen
  • Pluck a bass string and watch the vibrations
  • Create an artistic masterpiece that reflects how music makes you feel
  • Thump, strike, and beat drums and other percussion instruments in our Jam Room
Good to Know: 

Exhibit Type


Focused Field Trips Aligned with this Exhibit

Science of Sound

Sensational Senses

This exhibit is aligned with Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards.

Educational Benefits

  • Manipulate melody, tempo and rhythm
  • Discover how sound is made and that music is organized sound
  • Detect differences in sounds
  • Describe music notation and how notes on a page translate into sounds
  • Distinguish between the individual sounds of a variety of instruments
  • Compose unique pieces of music

Take It with You

Use the following activities to bring the education concepts from this exhibit into your home or classroom:


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