Nature Explorers

Explore plants and animals up close in the Backyard and the Fantasy Forest to get a new appreciation for all the gifts Mother Nature has provided us!

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  • Dig in play dirt to find worms, spiders, ants, and pill bugs
  • Disappear into a landscape by wearing a camouflage cape
  • Play “I Spy” on a dock or in the boat on the play pond
  • Read books in the Goose Nest
  • Create a pretend animal by mixing and matching heads bodies, legs, feet, wings, and tails
  • Peek through knotholes in the giant tree or conduct a puppet show
  • Dress up as pond animals and swim, hop, or walk through the forest
Good to Know: 

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Focused Field Trips Aligned with this Exhibit

Animal Adaptations

Animal Habitats

Re-Use It

Sensational Senses

This exhibit is aligned with Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards.

Educational Benefits

  • Use imaginations and role-play
  • Explore and observe materials and natural phenomena
  • Distinguish between living and non living things
  • Sequence the stages of life cycles
  • Recognize and identify recycling concepts


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