Science Sleuths

Science Sleuths Kohl Children's Museum

Science Sleuths lets children become little scientists as they study evidence, make predictions, and test their hypotheses with the guidance of a Museum educator or local professional. Programming takes place approximately every other Wednesday from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m.

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Mar 8 & 22: Save that Smile
Why do we brush our teeth? Investigate what’s sticking on and around them and why it is important to brush your teeth daily to be healthy. 

Apr 12 & 26: Seed Examination
How do plants look when they are just beginning to grow?  Examine sprouting seeds and see for yourself what makes seeds so special.

May 3 & 17: Investigating Lava Lamps
Explore the chemical reaction made when adding one special ingredient to make the lava flow.

Jun 14 & 28: Bubble Science
Young scientists will learn about bubbles and put their knowledge to work.