Theatre Games

Creative Dramatics Kohl Children's Museum

It's time to let your inner actor out with Theater Games. Through a variety of creative dramatic exercises, we will explore gross and fine motor skills, problem solving, listening and speaking skills, following directions, and building confidence. Theater games takes place Thursdays at 1:30 p.m.

December 1, 8: Telephone

How well can we listen? Can we pass a phrase around the circle? What about an action? See how what we say and do can change as it goes from person to person in this fun theatre game.

December 15, 22, 29: Snow People
Let’s build a snowman! And a snowwoman! And a snowcat! Help transform your friends into snow people each with a different outfits and personalities based on how we build them.

December 15, 22, 29: Imaginary Snow People
Let’s build a snowman! And a snowwoman! And a snowcat! Help transform your friends into snowpeople each with different outfits and personalities.

January 5, 12: Party, Party!
Celebrate the new year with a fancy party. Then with a pizza party. Then as a party for cats (No dogs allowed). We’ll party until the cows come home (and then party as the cows coming home) using our imaginations.

January 19, 26: Statues ‘R’ Us
Statues come in all shapes and sizes. There are even statues of animals. Become artists and carve your friends into silly positions to represent the animals of the Chinese Zodiac!

February 2, 9: The Backwards Room
We’ve made a startling discovery here at the Museum: a room where everything happens BACKWARDS!  Act out everyday activates from finish to start.

February 16, 23: Life of a Snowflake
Have you ever twirled in a cloud? Or fallen from the sky? Or been mushed into a snowball? Join us as we live out the lives of tiny bits of snow.

March 2, 9: Invisible Catch
Can you catch a giant ball that weighs a million pounds? What about a baseball that’s suuuuper hot? Or a mouse? Come have fun throwing and catching all sorts of imaginary objects.

March 16, 23, 30: Once Upon A Time
Oh no! We totally forgot the story we were going to tell you. Can you improvise and help us create and draw a new one?