Theatre Games

Creative Dramatics Kohl Children's Museum

It's time to let your inner actor out with Theater Games. Through a variety of creative dramatic exercises, we will explore gross and fine motor skills, problem solving, listening and speaking skills, following directions, and building confidence. Theater games takes place Thursdays at 1:30 p.m.

May 18 & 25: Animal Invention
Have you drawn a picture of a cat? What about a bird? What about a catbird? Or a dog-oppotomus? Or a sloth-ypus rex? Help us make up and name some brand new animals.
Jun 1 & 8: Summer Fun
SCHOOL’S OUT! Can’t wait for all the awesomely fun summer plans? Don’t. Tell us what you want to do for your vacation and we’ll act it with you. 
Jun 15, 22, & 29: Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Play ball! Come join our very own pretend baseball team: The Kohl Imaginators! Throw pitches, hit home runs, and win the World Series as everyone cheers you on!

Jul 6 & 13: Silly Face Brigade
Your face will freeze that way. Unless you practice. See how far your face will stretch with sad faces, happy faces, duck faces, baby faces, and MONSTER faces.

Jul 20 & 27: Everybody Dance
One person dancing is silly. Five people dancing is CHOREOGRAPHY! Let’s show off our silliest dance moves and teach them to our friends.

Aug 3 & 10: Peter Piper’s Tongue Twister Trials
How many toy boats you can have? Do you prefer red leather or yellow leather and in what weather? Teach your tongue not to trip over the worried world of words that sound similar in series.

Aug 17, 24, & 31: Imagination Station
When is a banana not a banana? When it’s a boomerang! Or a baby! Or a boomerang baby! We’ll use our imagination to turn items into all sorts of weird and wonderful objects.

Sep 7: Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time, there was…um…uh…Oh no! I’ve forgotten the story! Can you remember it? Let’s all work together to tell each other the best and silliest stories we can.

Sep 21 & 28: Body Telephone
How close can you copy your friend? Can you make the same face she can? Can you wave your arms in the air exactly like you just don’t care? Join us as we pass simple movements down a circle of giggling children to see how well (or badly) we can mimic each other.