Tinkering Tuesday

The Museum’s Tinkering Tuesday program encourages children to do what they do best - let their curiosity take over! Explore the world of engineering by building machines and creating processes, and then explore what happens when you make changes or do things differently. Programming takes place approximately every other Tuesday from
2:30 – 3:30 p.m. on the Museum’s STEAM Cart at announced locations in the Museum exhibits. Photo courtesy of Anixter

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Check out this video showing the development of the Tinkering Tuesday program with Anixter!

Jun 13 & 27: Design & Build
What can you create from clay and toothpicks?  Challenge yourself to design and build your own structure.

Jul 11 & 25: Mining with Magnets
Observe magnetic forces in action by testing various objects to determine if they are magnetic!

Aug 8 & 22: Think Before You Sink
Put on your thinking caps, and make predictions of buoyancy by testing various objects to determine if they float or sink! 

Sep 5 & 19: Circuit Challenge
Wires, batteries and conductors! Play electrical engineer and tinker with various materials to construct an electrical circuit.