Toying with Tech

Toying with Tech introduces children to the exciting world of technology in a developmentally appropriate way. Programming takes place approximately every other Thursday from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Jul 6 & 20: ScratchJr
Do you want to create a code or create a story or animated scene?  This month we will be demonstrating and exploring how to use SractchJr programming app.  We encourage participants to bring their own tablet with ScratchJr to use during programming.

Aug 3, 17, & 31: Kibo Coding
Have you ever programmed a robot?  Use our Kibo robots and learn about creating a sequence to get Kibo to move and make sounds.

Sep 28: Bugs In the Maze
Explore using a series of directions, problem solving and debugging to create maps and figure out what path to take to avoid the “bugs” in the maze to reach the end.