Best Times to Visit

About 315,000 visitors enjoy Kohl Children’s Museum each year. Many families have discovered that our purpose-built facility, 17 interactive, hands-on exhibits, and easily accessible location make for a fun, educational experience for their kids.

The Museum is committed to providing engaging informal learning environments and works continuously to ensure that our guests have a quality visit each and every time they visit the Museum.

If you are looking for a quieter visit, please note the following suggestions:

  • Afternoons at the Museum are nearly always quieter than mornings.
  • Pleasant, sunny days often mean the lightest traffic at the Museum; plus these days will allow exploration of our outdoor Habitat Park exhibit.
  • Arrive early (9 a.m. for members and 9:30 for non-members).
  • September and October are our quietest months for attendance and also for field trips (please note that we close for Clean-Up Week in September).
  • Late April through early June are also typically quiet times at the Museum after noon. Mornings are busier with field trips.

Please check Facebook for the most up-to-date information.


Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago strives to be equally available to guests with any level of physical, visual, auditory, or cognitive challenge. Our facility and exhibits were designed using the principles of universal design.
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