Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago offers 17 interactive, hands-on exhibits for children ages birth to 8. All of our exhibits and programs are aligned to the Illinois State Learning Standards and are designed to nurture a love of learning in young children.

Our Vision

We will be an essential leader in providing playful experiences that inspire every child.

Our Mission

We are a place that provides experiences and memories to build a foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Core Values

  • All Museum exhibits and programming are research-based to be challenging, educational, appealing and engaging to young children.
  • Parents, caregivers and teachers play a crucial role in guiding children toward activities that promote effective learning, while allowing them to direct their own learning experiences.
  • Complex play experiences involve a blend of physical, emotional, imaginative, cognitive, and social activities.
  • Trained staff using best practices in early childhood education enhance effective complex play experiences for children.
  • All Museum facilities, exhibits and programming are accessible by children in the same manner, regardless of differing levels of physical, auditory, visual, social-emotional, or cognitive ability.
  • All Museum facilities and programming model strong stewardship of the environment.
  • We embrace the opportunity for those with diverse backgrounds to interact and play together.
  • We create opportunities for those in the Chicago area whose geographical or economic circumstances preclude direct Museum visitation can still participate through interactive outreach programming.
  • Informal environments augment the more traditional, formal educational structure.
  • We create a setting that brings all generations of family together to share the early childhood learning experience with one another.

Diversity Statement

Kohl Children's Museum of Greater Chicago is dedicated to a culture of inclusion that inspires children to value themselves and the unique qualities in each other through the provision of environments and experiences that foster cooperative play, inquiry and self-discovery. The Museum draws upon the strength of its broad service area to achieve institution-wide diversity in all programs, activities and operations.


Around 330,000 people visit Kohl Children’s Museum each year. The Museum has approximately 7,000 member families, who enjoy the purpose-built facility, 17 interactive, hands-on exhibits, and easily accessible location.


Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago strives to be equally available to guests with any level of physical, visual, auditory, or cognitive challenge. Our facility and exhibits were designed using the principles of universal design.
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