Habitat Park (Seasonal Exhibit)

The great outdoors opens up to Museum visitors in our 2-acre outdoor exhibit. Get in touch with nature as you explore unique climbing structures, a prairie grass maze, water painting wall, solar and wind power, a sensory garden, and a 10-piece interactive sculpture trail. The outer portion of Habitat Park is open April through October. The inner courtyard is accessible year-round, weather permitting.

Underwritten by the Diana M. and Bruce V. Rauner Family. Sculpture Trail given by the Shaw Family in memory of Charles H. Shaw. Additional support provided by the Public Museum Capital Grants Program, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois State Museum; the Institute of Museum and Library Services; the Souder Family Foundation; Anonymous; Tom and Louise Flickinger & the Edward E. and Marie L. Matthews Foundation; and the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.


  • Construct using natural materials in the imagination hut
  • Watch for birds and small animals
  • Go on a bug hunt to find ants, worms, or insects
  • Wander through winding paths to explore a 9-piece interactive sculpture collection*
  • Run up and roll down the gentle berms*
  • Go underground through a giant tunnel*
  • Find your way through the prairie grass maze*
  • Peer through binoculars to see how they change your view of the park*
  • Use your senses or sight, touch, hearing, and smell to examine characteristics of plants*
  • Climb and spin on unique structures*
  • Follow our StoryWalk on numbered posts along the winding paths*
  • Plant and tend to vegetables and other plants in our garden boxes with Master Gardeners during the Garden Buddies program*
  • Paint designs with water on slate walls and watch them evaporate*

*These activities are located in Habitat Park’s outer courtyard, which may not be accessible from late fall to early spring.


Please note that Habitat Park is a weather-dependent exhibit. For safety reasons, all or part of the exhibit will close when the heat index is above 90º F, the wind chill is below 20º F, ground conditions are wet, or after dusk.

Good to Know: 

Exhibit Type


Focused Field Trips Aligned with this Exhibit

Animal Habitats

Sensational Senses

This exhibit is aligned with Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards.

Educational Benefits

  • Identify flowers and plants
  • Examine colors, textures, scents, and sounds
  • Demonstrate respect for the environment
  • Utilize and coordinate muscles to climb
  • Distinguish between man made and natural objects

Take It with You

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