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“Port Discovery's new exhibit features the works of acclaimed painter Marc Chagall,” Jewish Times (Baltimore, Md.), June 26, 2009
He was known in his day as the pre-eminent Jewish artist. Born Moshe Shagal in 1887 in Belarus, then part of the Russian empire, Marc Chagall died in 1985, leaving a legacy of art in oils, stained glass and tapestries. His lyrical vision of East European Jewry captured a culture that no longer exists. Chagall's art is known worldwide, but until now it has not been considered particularly child-friendly. That's what makes the current exhibit at Port Discovery Children's Museum so unusual… >> Full Article

“Chagall’s colorful world comes alive,” The State (Columbia, S.C.), September 12, 2008
Bright colors and whimsical figures are synonymous with the modernist works of Marc
Chagall. His flagrant disregard for the bonds of reality, such as perspective, make
Chagall’s works particularly appealing to children… >> Full Article

“Abstract exhibit immerses kids in impressionism,” The Star Press (Muncie, Ind.), January 24, 2008
The Muncie Children's Museum is going abstract with a new exhibit. "Chagall fr Children," a one-of-a-kind traveling exhibit, will open at the Muncie Children's Museum on Saturday, Jan. 26. "Chagall fr Children" offers kids (and adults) the chance to explore the whimsical and abstract words of Marc Chagall, the world-renowned Impressionist artist… >> Full Article     >> Article Scan

“Chagall for children,” San Antonio Express-News, July 30, 2007
Five-year-old Jacob Yancy slipped a colorful cape over his head and instantly became part of artist Marc Chagall's whimsical world. As circus music played in the background, Jacob spun in circles with his cape floating in waves around him as he transformed himself into a character in Chagall's painting “At The Circus.” A camera captured Jacob in front of the giant piece of art and projected him on a television screen as a living part of the piece.… >> Full Article

“Where you'll never hear ‘don't touch’,” Toronto Star, March 25, 2007
For any other museum, this kind of exhibit would be a nightmare: Children, everywhere, getting up close to works of arts, even touching things. But for the Waterloo Regional Children's Museum, it's been anything but… >> Full Article

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