Arrival and Check-In

For You

  • Plan to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled set-up time.  Check in at the front desk—if the Museum has a cart available, it will be provided to you to help bring all of your items into the building in one trip. You will then be ready to access your room promptly at the scheduled set-up time.
  • Consider bringing an extra adult to help you decorate and set-up your room or watch your children while you do so. The Museum cannot guarantee that any additional staff will be available to help for set-up.
  • Schedule pizza or other deliveries to arrive toward the beginning of the party  to counter unexpected delays. Schedule 30-45 minutes to sing, cut cake, and eat. It is usually best to do this near the beginning of your party, as it is sometimes difficult to gather everyone back in the party room after they are playing in the exhibits, and you will not want to rush these memory-making moments.
  • Relax and enjoy the day. Your birthday party liaison will do whatever he or she can to make your day special.
  • Be aware that the Museum environment outside the party room is designed to be very appealing and interesting for children in your party’s age bracket. If you design activities such as piñatas or crafts, be aware that the exhibits may compete for your guest’s attention. 
  • Use the phone in the party room to contact the Museum front desk to make announcements  for your guests to come to the party room.

For Your Guests

  • Please ensure that all children who attend your party are supervised while in the Museum exhibit area.  For safety and security reasons, the Museum’s policy is to collect unattended children and reunite them with their caregivers. We do not want your guests to lose any exploration time while we try to find you. In addition, for liability reasons, you as the host are responsible for ensuring all party guests are supervised at all times in the Museum.
  • Birthday party guests may check in using the Members Express line on the day of the party.
  • Have guests leave gifts in their car and get a re-entry hand stamp to retrieve them if they arrive early. The Museum cannot take responsibility for holding birthday party gifts, and your room may not be available until your scheduled party start time. Guests may carry their gifts with them in the Museum, or store them in a locker in the Museum lobby if they prefer.
  • Designate an extra adult to arrive early to welcome your guests and direct them to the party room. This adult could also review details about the party (such as times for food and cake) with your guests and can reinforce that all children must be supervised by an adult while in the Museum exhibits.

Birthday Party Reservations

Tel: (847) 832-6923
Fax: (847) 724-6469
E-mail: click here


Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago strives to be equally available to guests with any level of physical, visual, auditory, or cognitive challenge. Our facility and exhibits were designed using the principles of universal design.
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