Classroom Activities

These educational and engaging activities are designed to assist educators in preparing children for a Museum field trip or extending the learning into the classroom.

Investigate how different materials repel or absorb water.

Combine various materials together to explore the concept of assemblage art.

Create a tool that helps perform a job more effectively.

Investigate and compare the rate of drying in different conditions.

Investigate how worms burrow in the ground and make tunnels.

Create art from recycled materials while understanding the need to eliminate litter and be kind to our earth.

Learn how used paper can be recycled into new paper.

Observe, explore and investigate vibrating instruments in everyday places and create music in unique ways.

Explore a variety of healthy foods to make a menu.

Create movement cards with pictures or a tool to motivate children to exercise.

Discover about sounds around us and how they are created through vibration.

Children will build structures using newspaper and other materials.

Investigate through role play animal behavior without the use of hands.

Increase your heart rate by running and understand how running fast vs. walking affects your pulse rate.

Children will become more familiar with different types of buildings in their towns.

Investigate and explain the different jobs related to rail travel.

Develop olfactory distinction.

Encourage children to use their senses to explore the world around them.

Discover that simple machines are used every day in the world around us.

Explore and experiment how we use our bodies everyday to get from one place to another.

Investigate railroad crossing safety.

Reuse two-liter bottles for bowling; practice math skills and develop a concept of verifying answers.

Explore properties of water and watch evaporation happen by “painting” with water in the sun.

Discover tools people use to help them with their work.

Explore how wheels help move objects and reduce friction.

Observe color mixing and absorbency using colored tissue paper and spray bottles.

The children will investigate through comparing the force of wind in different locations.

Explore the different parts of a tree to see which animals live in and around trees.

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